Optimize your working capital investment and product availability

“Our mission is to make our clients more profitable by optimizing their working capital investment, improving product availability and reducing costs”.

1. Inventory Analytics Software: An annual subscription and access to our cloud based proprietary inventory analytics software ‘Optimized’ for clients who want to run inventory analysis and optimization inhouse.

2. Inventory Analysis & Consulting Services: For clients that do not want to purchase our software, we offer an inventory management and analysis service to identify inventory optimization opportunities.

Why Choose Optimized?

The Optimized inventory application analyses your company’s inventory using a variety of ‘best practice’ techniques including advanced inventory segmentation, ‘What-if’ stock modelling, and proprietary ‘Triple Play’ analysis to calculate bottom line savings and customer service improvements. Contact us today to see how we can help you.


Cloud Based Technology

Cloud technology means rapid implementation and an ability to quickly identify working capital reduction opportunities and service level improvements.

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Intuitive interface

Uncomplicated, intuitive, and insightful reports remove the need for complex, time consuming MS Excel spreadsheets.

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No expensive integration Costs

The Application works standalone meaning no expensive integration costs or application programming interfaces (APIs).


Identify significant opportunities to reduce working capital and improve customer service with a complete set of analytical tools.

ABC / XYZ Segmentation

The ABC XYZ analysis is fundamental to optimize your inventory. Classify your inventory in terms of uncertainty to identify products at risk.

Triple Play Analysis

Triple Play analysis allows you to review 52 weeks of SKU level Consumption, Receipts, and On Hand Inventory to give you a complete view of SKU performance.

ABC Value Chart

ABC analysis allows you to focus your time and energy on the SKUs that represent your largest revenues but also most inventory for your company.

Inventory Modelling

3 different mathematical models to determine the optimum level of inventory versus your current inventory levels.

Inventory Cover

Understanding how quickly your inventory is turning over is fundamental to managing your company’s cash flow and a key performance indicator.

Inventory Age

The Inventory Age report is used to identify slow moving inventory plus the additional costs to store and maintain these products until they are sold.

About Us

Optimized Supply Chain Solutions is a European software company focused on driving competitive advantage through Inventory Optimization and performance improvement.

Designed through extensive experience in inventory management, our software application “Optimized” leverages cloud technology, and advanced analytics to provide companies with a strategic decision-making tool to reduce working capital and improve product availability.

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